Frozen Pipes and How to Deal

As many Oklahomans know, summers can bite hard but sometimes it's the icy winters that bite the hardest. The dedicated plumbers at Plumb Genius believe in being proactive instead of reactive with plumbing service; however, if trouble strikes, you can feel confident calling us to get things back functioning properly.  Here are a few important things to know when it comes to avoiding or dealing with frozen pipes.  

1.) Prevention is key 

  • Know where all of your shut off valves are in your home 

  • Figure out potential problem areas or where many of the pipes are located (along walls, in the attic, in crawl spaces below homes, in laundry rooms) 

  • Make sure all of the gaps in the house are sealed this way cold, icy air can’t negatively impact the pipes 


2.) Get friendly with your local weather person 

  • Watch for weather updates about temperature drops 

  • If it is going to get cold, make sure you open kitchen sinks and bathroom sink doors to allow warmth to circulate 

  • Allow the sinks to drip hot or cold water in order to prevent unused and eventual damage 

  • Keep the temperature of the house warm 


3.) If your pipes burst, call a trusted plumbing service 

  • If water does not flow, turn off the main water valve and avoid using open flames to thaw the pipes 

  • Do not attempt to warm or thaw the pipes yourself 

  • Call a professional for plumbing service if you are unable to turn the water back on


    Plumbing issues can feel overwhelming. It's important to approach them with peace of mind gained from a trustworthy company. Plumb Genius is that company.