5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Plumber


A question many people have when something goes awry in their home is, “can I fix this myself?” Plumbing situations are no different. While the DIY method is sometimes more cost-effective, if you make a mistake, the cost can skyrocket and the time it takes to fix it can grow exponentially. Trying to tackle DIY projects outside your skill level can do more harm than good. With the right plumber, you can get the results you want, and get them in a timely manner. 

Regardless of the situation, when hiring a plumber, you need to hire a good one. But how do you know? How can you tell if you’re getting gypped? Here are some helpful things to take into consideration when you’re looking for a plumber.

1.    License

First is to figure out which plumbers in your area are licensed and unlicensed.  A plumbing license gives the plumbers legal permission to offer plumbing services in the state. It also means that the plumber is held accountable by the licensing board, and expected to abide by its rules. Any plumber you hire should be able to show proof of licensing upon request…so don’t hire one who can’t!

2.    Insurance/Bonds

After you know that your plumber is properly licensed, make sure that they are also properly insured. That way if unforeseen problems occur, liability insurance will help cover any claims related to property or bodily damage. As for bonds, surety bonds pick up where insurance leaves off. They cover additional expenses like fixing problems or paying for damages left after the plumbing comes. 

3.    Quote/Estimate

There’s nothing than having to pay a lot for something that isn’t worth the money. It’s also not fair to expect to pay $X, but ending up having to pay $2X. Make sure that your prospective plumber is not trying to diagnose and give you a quote over the phone. It’s also a good idea to get a quote from more than one plumbing service to compare. 

4.    Guarantees

After receiving the quote, ask about their guarantees and make sure you know where your money is going. Are the guarantees limited? Are they written on your estimate? Is it money back? Plumbing services that offer guarantees are plumbing services with great confidence in their ability to do their job well

5.    Additional Services provided

Plumbing services offer a wide range of options, varying from business to business. Make sure that you ask about the policiesinvolved with each business. For example, some plumbers might allow their customers to purchase their own materials, while some require that you only buy materials from them. Some plumbing services also offer cleaning services, just make sure you’re not blindsided by charges extra for these. 

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