Hard and Soft Water Differences for Residential Plumbing

At Plumb Genius, we know that, for residential plumbing, prevention is key. We also know that our trained, licensed staff are capable of answering even the most ubiquitous questions. Many people struggle to understand the difference between hard and soft water, so today we give you the break down.  

Soft Water- Treated water where the only ion present is sodium 

Hard Water- Water that has many different dissolved minerals (like calcium and magnesium) present. 

The difference- The difference between the two can be boiled down to how they impact your daily routines. Hard water can be the cause of spotty dishes, bathtubs with soap scum, or hair that feels oddly sticky.  Hard water also tends to use more energy because of the elements within the water.  

People who do chores often love soft water because of its usefulness in dishwashing, its ability to thoroughly clean dishes, and its ability to make your hair feel lush and clean.  However, soft water is not suggested for those who need to be on a low sodium diet or have circulatory or heart issues because of the mineral present.  

It’s important to understand the difference so you can assess your needs and get the types of water that fit your lifestyle. 

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