Top 3 Tips for Summer Plumbing Problems

Plumb Genius

Every season brings different challenges for your plumbing. The experts of Plumb Genius have a few tips to keep this Oklahoma City summer flowing.

Washing Machines Don't Get a Vacation

The problem: School’s out and summer vacation is on its way, but that doesn’t mean your washing machine is off the hook. More time outdoors as well as Oklahoma heat and humidity will send a lot more clothes to the washer, putting increased stress on the machine.

What to look for: Check the hoses on your washing machine for cracks, bulges, or leaks. Cracks lead to gaps. Bulges lead to bursts. Leaks lead to a loss of money.

What to do: If your hoses have any damage, get them replaced. Also, make sure to move your washer about 4-5 inches away from the wall. This will prevent the hoses from kinking.

Garbage Disposals are Picky Eaters

The problem: An OKC summer cookout is always a great time, but your garbage disposal may be in for a rough time if you’re not careful how you deal with your excess food.

What to look for: Fibrous foods, rice and pasta, bones, grease and “just add water” foods are all things you want to avoid putting down the disposal since they can damage the blades or cause clogs. If you want an in-depth list what you should and shouldn’t put down a garbage disposal and why, check out this list. 

What to do: Besides keeping certain foods out, run some cold water through your disposal for a few seconds before and after using it. This will help clear out any lingering bits of food that might contribute to a clog.

Sewer Lines and the Root of the Problem

The problem: Summer storms bringing an abundance of rain is nothing new in Oklahoma, but excessive rain and tree root growth can cause major problems to your sewer line. Extra rain may enter through cracks in pipes and back up the line. Tree roots can crush and clog your sewer line as well.

What to look for: Multiple persistently clogged drains may be a sign that you have a backup. Also, if you use one part of your plumbing (e.g. toilet, washing machine, bathtub) and this causes water backup or gurgling in another area, that is another sign of sewer backup.

What to do: If you suspect you have a sewer line backup, call a qualified plumber from Plumb Genius right away. We can assess the situation and help you restore your proper access to water.

Water is more important than ever in the heat of an Oklahoma summer. Whether you’re washing clothes, quenching your thirst or having a water gun fight in the backyard, maintaining your access to water for all your needs is our number one priority!

What are plumbing issues you've faced this summer? How have you approached them?

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